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5 steps to maximize global impact: charity puts its resources to work where it matters

World Animal Protection is an international animal welfare organization that has been in operation for over 30 years. To help end animal cruelty, it provides aid, education, and government outreach support. Effective, reliable, cost-conscious back-office solutions ensure their resources are used efficiently and they can focus on maximizing their charitable work around the globe.

To make the most of its resources, World Animal Protection streamlined its management of global finances, operations, and sponsorships. Planning, managing, reporting, and delivering support in an efficient and consistent way across their global operations enables them to concentrate their efforts on maximizing their impact on animal protection. World Animal Protection uses a combination of efficient processes and reliable tools to ensure efficient and compassionate resource delivery.

1. Be accountable to supporters

Transparency regarding financial sourcing and decision-making is key to a healthy ongoing relationship with supporters and funders. The right technology and business solutions can help make that happen.

2. For better aid, improve visibility

Seek to provide better visibility into donors, budgets, and projects. This practice helps World Animal Protection ensure that funds are being properly managed, as they continue to flow in, and that those funds are largely used to help animals across the globe instead of being consumed by unrestrained administrative costs.

3. Choose tools and processes that support your mission

World Animal Protection has consolidated geographically disparate finance and operations processes, and no longer relies on a disconnected collection of spreadsheets to manage its work. Now they have a complete, trusted, and connected network of processes and workflows, supported by a framework of reliable and cost-efficient software solutions - including Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Office 365.

4. Understand the concerns and history of key players

Serving stakeholders across the globe with consistency requires a mindful approach and a firm grasp of the history of your organization’s relationship with them. Find the right tools to keep track of historical information and put them to use. World Animal Protection uses Microsoft solutions to better understand and engage with supporters, stakeholders, and sponsors, without compromising security or personal data.

5. Get out of the office and into the field

Don’t spend all your time in the office, miles away from the people and projects you are working to support. Take the time up front to establish tools and processes that keep things running when you are in the field, doing the really important work.

We deliver animal welfare in a way that maximizes impact for animals and delivers our resources in the most cost effective way. Microsoft solutions support us in that effort.

Simeon Lewis: International Head of IT

World Animal Protection